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July 21, 2008


I am an offender. returned to D.O.C. 5 times. What caused a difference was that I received an enhanced scentence, denied a 120 shook (THANK GOD) and I did 20 months on a 8 year class"C". Now I take my life serious I do not believe I will be returning any time soon. Also the D.O.C. system deserves more funding or space for alcohol and drug offenders to recover. Outside programs was a major part in my return to the community. Hey just a thought we should scentence all offenders to a pre class while awaiting scentencing this class is called IMPACT ON VICTIMS CLASS right now it is mandatory before release, so each offender could benifit prior to entrence and exit if D.O.C. system. NOTE: I am willing to assist in organizing this idea for presentation in Greene County.

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