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April 03, 2008


My name is Erick Lewis, and I am not only a supporter on the initiative to reform the 3 Strikes, but I am also a person that was heavily effected by the law in 2003. I was a 2nd time offender, my first offense being a Residential Burglary. My offense being Receiving Stolen Property in 2003 due to the prior Serious/Violent Felony mandated that I be doubled up on my commitment term, and serve a minimum of 80% of it. So you can see why I think that this law should be amended. Had I been sentenced in compliance with the way the original way it was written, I would not have had to serve a double term with the 80% added. Instead I would have been sentenced more within the discretion of the courts at the time considering special provisions by the judge, typically I would have only served approximately 13 months, but instead I served 40.

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