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April 29, 2008


Thanks for the great post!

You may also be interested to explore a Social Network that we have developed and launched here in the City of Boston. We're calling the pilot network the "E-13/Jamaica Plain Neighbors Network." On this network residents can join, meet, interact, and organize with their neighbors and Community Service Officers in their neighborhoods and on their street. Our vision is to connect all residents to police, city, and community resources and provide them with the communication and collaboration tools to reduce crime and increase civic engagement.

Additionally they receive pertinent information the Captain, Community Service officers, and my unit, the Neighborhood Crime Watch Unit about crime and community happenings.

Feel free to take a look at http://e13.bostoncrimewatch.com.

Joseph Porcelli
Neighbors Network Project Director
Boston Police Department

Thanks for commenting, Joseph.

What a great use of social networking to bring the community together and keep them apprised of both crimes and community-building events in the neighborhood! It seems that your social network doesn't have to be limited to crime issues and that you would be able to partner with other community organizations--schools, churches, MOMs Clubs--all in one place and build a virtual community online of your brick-and-mortar community. How many members do you have already?

Thanks for letting us know about this innovative use of the Ning (http://www.ning.com/about/about-us.html ) social network program, Joseph.

(If you're having trouble opening the Boston Crime Watch link above, try this one: http://e13.bostoncrimewatch.com/ .)

Has anyone else come up with an innovative or creative way to use new technologies to prevent crime? We'd like to hear about it.

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