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April 07, 2008


For further information and posters you can use in your community please visit http://www.ncpc.org/topics/personal-safety/gas-station-theft-prevention/

Not only will a locking gas cap prevent someone from stealing gasoline out of your vehicle, it will also prevent someone from putting anything IN your gas tank, which could amount to thousands of dollars in repairs. A locking gas cap is a good cheap insurance policy.

well if the government and business owners weren't so greedy, maybe eeryone would have more money and America would have a better economy.

Now the banks are going under.

It's not necessarily BECAUSE of gas; but its because of greed.

and stubborn people denying very invention, for an alternative to gas.
we have wind, water, electricity, and solar power
I realize there have already been inventions for cars pertaining to the resources, but none of them are affordable to minium wage, or normal working class people, they're only affordable to millionaires, which all these actors and actresses could donate money to numerous foundations and charities, and to people like us.
In my opinion GREED is the bottom line for all of america's problems.

Also, I hear of people driving an hour or so just to find gas.
and then not being able to afford no more than 5 gallons or so, I also witnessed first hand, at the only gas station with gas where I live at, 2 police cars having to revert traffic to a different road because the line for gas at the gas staion poured into the streets.

we need to do something.

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