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February 04, 2008


The need for verifiable and authentic ID is imperative however so is the continued education of how people become the victims of Id theft and how they can best protect themselves. There is a lot of discussion about online scams, but theft of cell-phones, laptops, and other personal assets are also high risk areas for ID theft. So i think the cards are just one step providing they can be authenticated and the data is secure. Other steps include better asset identification technologies such as the use of microdots or id-labels and greater penalties for those committing these crimes.

I'm not clear how adding another key to my information will help prevent identity theft? Do you have any idea how the machine-readable code is generated? If it is just a number, the way a barcode is, this is no more or less secure than our existing social security numbers. I'd love a more technical followup.

I agree. But "providing they can be authenticated and the data is secure" is much easier said than done. In fact, I can't think of one example in which private data is completely secure. The government's systems are constantly breached, and data theft has become a near-weekly occurence. Until the government can prove that they can completely safeguard our data beyond a doubt, the REAL IDs seem like a disaster waiting to happen. And I can't actually imagine the day when data in Cyberspace will be COMPLETELY safeguarded... Not given the history of the evolution of crime and punishment online so far...

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