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February 19, 2008


My initial response is that a felon who has straightened their life out and demonstrated that they are willing to live within society has the ability to go to court and request that their record be expunged.
I believe (but am not sure) that a judge has some latitude in how much is set aside and what conditions are placed.
It seems to me that a felon should be able to get their vote back this way. I imagine that it is difficult and possibly expensive, but if you choose to break the law in a major way, it does not seem improper to me that it be difficult to re-earn the rights you have surrendered.
(I'd feel more comfortable about this if a prosecutor in my state hadn't recently tried to press felony sexual assault charges on two 13 year old boys for slapping some girls on the but in the hallway at school)

I do agree with the fundamental issue of the article, however, I am of the opinion that once individuals have paid their debt to society they should be allowed to participate fully in society.

I believe that like everyone else in the world, you are accountable for your actions no matter how long ago you made them. People need to learn to think and consider the future when making choices. They should consider the families they might one day be a part before making decisions to break the law; the same laws they will expect to protect that future family.

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