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February 22, 2008


I am VERY concerned this time of year about identity theft. What I don't understand is why the W-2 form, financial institution's 1099 statements, mortgage lenders and anyone who sends you a tax document has to print your entire SSN# on the document? Recently I found out that one of my tax documents delivered via U.S. mail went to the wrong address because of a number typo in my home address and my entire SSN# was on the tax document! I received a duplicate copy (per my request) from the company, but the original document is out there somewhere...I am very concerned. I want to know why they can’t just print the last 4-digits; I think that is a fair request. And I want to know how consumers can demand these large companies to help us prevent identity theft when they send documents out that put us in more jeopardy?

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