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February 15, 2008


When somebody is insane, I'd say the ability to understand "What makes them tick" is aproaching impossible....I think that's kind of definative of insanity.

Also I can't imagine how things could have been any WORSE if somebody in the room had been a lawful holder of a Concealed Weapons permit.

I think in this man's case (While this appears to be his ONLY serious crime) nothing would have stopped him from getting the guns he wanted for whatever reason. If a person REALLY wants Heroine, they can get it, banned or not. I'd say the same thing would go for guns in the case of somebody who wants them badly enugh.

You can't control outliers like this, what you CAN control is lawful people. In this case they were controled. The law disarmed them, and the results were swift and tragic

There are 2 realistic and needed solutions.

First -prevention- establish and promote an anonymous tipline via web,text and phone.

Second -intervention- arm teachers and approved students with training and taser guns.

Regarding Justin's comment above, while I agree that in cases such as school violence prevention is paramount and intervention may save lives, I find it callous to "arm teachers and approved students." How does one go about approving a student? In this last tragic case of school violence, most teachers gave glowing reports of the former student who opened fire in a lecture hall. There has to be a more reasonable method of intervention aside from the student shoot out that I feel the above comment alludes to. As someone who plans to go back to school in the future, I don't want to be in a classroom where students are strapped with tasers and handguns.

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