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December 07, 2007


The device has promise, but it also has a significant price tag of about $130,000 for each school

Good lord people, do your home work. The system cost $432.00 per school. Not $130,000 per school.

and in some cases the district wishes to screen employees, we offer that also.

we ID'ed over 1,100 sex offenders last year. many were absconded. Some had no business around kids.

Just call Raptor Technologies and we will gladly answer questions first.

Thanks for your comment - I'm sorry for the confusion. The Washington Post article referenced a total price of $130,000. I'm not sure what's included in that. On your company's website, http://www.raptorware.com/news/05%20news/news99.html , the president of Raptor Technologies claims that V-soft technology costs $1,500 to get started and then $432 yearly.

Where could the Post's $130,000 estimate have come from? Please clarify the actual price. Yours, in the above comment, does not seem completely accurate either.

"Good lord people, do your home work. The system cost $432.00 per school. Not $130,000 per school."

Nice attitude for public relations.

The $130k figure is reasonable. My son's school district (Plano ISD) decided to purchase the system, and you can find out from their website what the estimated cost is.

Check out http://www.pisd.edu/about.us/board.of.trustees/Meeting_02052008/S1673.shtml

Here's the "money" quote:
Business Impact:

"The value of this purchase is $129,812.25 from 2004 Bond Funds. "

Personally I view this as a reduction in security, since all the system is really doing is checking IDs, not people. Front office personnel will relax knowing that they have V-Soft installed, so anyone with a "safe" ID could get in the school. It's a waste of money at best.

The other problem is related to privacy - what is Raptor's data retention policy? What sort of policies do they have in place to prevent identity theft? Would a district that paid $130k have to face costly litigation because it inadvertently caused staff, volunteers, or visitors to become the victims of ID theft?

So let me understand this, the Raptor system scans an ID the information is sent to headquarters where a tech compares it to sex offender databases and reports if a match is found. Is this true, if so it is a good way of doing things as it will eliminate the false hits that other systems can have and it will make the process a lot more fool proof. If some can let me know the facts as I am interested in introducing this my school. The cost is not bad at $400.00 plus dollars a year

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