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December 19, 2007


I would modify what you say about following the grifters. The passive method just passes the crime onto a more naive person. The point is to make sure crime does not pay. [what pays is staying in school, developing useful skills and a work ethic] You can follow a grifter at a distance while calling 911. It doesn't have to be like a scene from "The French Connection". Stay out of sight, be natural and casual. If they are a door to door operator, wait until they cannot see you leave your residence or office. We have had success in our neighborhood doing that. It is gratifying to see the arrest, as a reward for a few minutes work, and not have the con artists return to our neighborhood to hustle money for nonexistent "youth programs". Success will vary according to police workload and their responsiveness to the community's desire to stamp out this type of crime.


Thanks for the comment. I do watch too many movies, and I know I need to check myself before I attempt to play the hero and "tail the perps to get the dirt on 'em."

You're right that the passive choice I proposed is rarely an aggressive enough stance against crime. As every situation is different, I would modify my advice to, "when in doubt, consider your personal safety first." With that consideration, I agree that contacting the authorities when suspicious activity is afoot is the best course of action.

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