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September 21, 2007


I believe that ALL police personnel SHOULD be armed to the teeth with assault weapons. I believe that Timoney IS doing the best that he can. It's a dang shame we lost him, here in Philadelphia.. MAYBE the police would have THEIR assault weapons now. We need the police to be armed as much as possible. We are in a WAR ZONE here in Philly and apparently, Johnson, Steet or anyone else could NOT give a rats ass. I am a Philly cops wife, so I KNOW what's going on, and down. We no longer say, "Welcome to Philadelphia", we now say, "Welcome to KILLadelphia, now GO home." God help us ALL, especially the innocent victims.

As it seems the criminals rights are protected more and more,I see the need for more power over the situation. As a victim of crime, I am appauled at the extent that the law goes to actually make it hard to do anything longterm about these non-well meaners.
While away on a family trip to see my daughter graduate from basic training we had our back doors kicked in to our home. Many items taken including a registered handgun. This being the same individual assulting my daughter before she left for boot camp and breaking her jaw.
I am fed up with all the red tape we have to go through to get action, at least the police should have some powerful capabilities to deal with these individuals.

Thank you both for your comments. Can anybody else weigh in?

I agree that law enforcement officers should have assault rifes issued to them, because an officer never knows if a situation will warrent the use of one. Especially, when a local SWAT unit may be tied up with another situation and may not be able to respond within a reasonable amount of time. When dealing with any type of evolution, one must adapt or lose out. This is also the case with assault rifles. If there is a community based concern, law enforcement officers should be properly trained by qualified personnel who understand the risk and liability factors which come up when dealing with the use of such weapons. There is an old saying by an unknown person regarding readiness for uncertain situations, "Better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it." I believe that this saying best explains the situation at hand. It is better to be ready for something which may never occur than to be lulled into a false sense of security and pay for it later. Tahank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Chalil Jimenez

I was a police officer from 2001 - 2007 in a smaller area of central FL. We carried AR-15 rifles in the cars. The reason is simple: the SWAT team isn't some group of people sitting around in a room waiting for the alarm to sound, in NYC or LA yes they have that but in 99% of the country the SWAT people are the same guys patrolling the streets and half of them are home sleeping when an incident does happen. It takes minimum 30 minutes to get SWAT to respond. 30 minutes is an awful long time when someone is shooting at you.

As for the weapons changing the relationship with the community I don't get it - the fact that there is a rifle in a case in the trunk didn't change the way I did my job. Most of the time the average person isn't going to know if that particular officer has one or not.

For many years officers have carried 12GA shotguns in the car. How is a rifle any different. Personally I'd rather have my rifle with its good optics and pinpoint accuracy than shotgun that throws a wide pattern.

Also keep in mind that we are talking about semi-automatic riles such as an AR-15. These are not fully automatic machine guns.

Thanks for all the comments here. I still think there is something to be said about displaying heavy arms to the community you patrol — until recently, most police in the U.K. did not carry firearms at all — and about this proliferation that I refer to as "our domestic arms race." But generally, I do agree with you now.

As I said originally, I want the "best protection available for our nation's police officers." And if this is truly what officers AND communities believe is best, then I will support it. Still, I warn you that arms proliferation never ends well, and we should be searching constantly for alternative methods to fight crime besides heavier and heavier artillery.

Thanks again for your great comments.

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