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July 20, 2007


When these "experts" finally realize that trying to figure out why men molest children is NOT the way to stop this problem. The real solution is to begin early education to childern on HOW NOT TO BECOME A PERVERT in the first place, and teach children the Child Abuse Resistance Education strategy they need to be able to keep from getting molestd in the first place . There is actually some excellent training curriculums (age appropriate) that can be taught in sunday schools, regular grade schools and to youth groups and college groups.
See Marie Fortune's work from the Washington based Center of the Prevention of Sexual Assault etc..Secondly - get off your rear axles and start teaching parents how to prevent the abuse by setting
rules, boundaries and limitations on who can be alone with their kids -
You stop child molestors only when you stop their ability to bealone with a child. And lifestyle changes need to be made in the fimily life of our people. We need to get this teaching made prevalent throughout the conuntry.

Get on it!

Brent Cain
Crime Free Housing Coordinator
Youth worker
Police Activities League worker
Semi Retired Police Officer


Thanks Brent! I like what you said about how we should focus more on teaching children Child Abuse Resistance Education so they know who to trust, and so they can potentially avoid dangerous situations.

But saying that we should not study child molesters is contradictory when you follow that up by saying we should teach children "how not to become a pervert" in the first place. The knowledge gleaned from studying child molesters would be completely necessary in order to, in turn, teach anything.

I agree there should be a stronger push, nationally, to educate both parents and children about child abuse resistance and who they should trust. But we can't stop there. This serious problem requires a multi-faceted solution, and giving up on child molesters completely would be both cruel and counterproductive. I hope that all information collected on child molesters will be shared with the scientific community, the law enforcement community, and the public at large.

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