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June 29, 2007


www.terf.ca is a site and there is 3 others like it which are sites for prostitution and also drugs however they have been posting threats to many people and also identity theft. The police don’t care as they go after the pedophiles and child porn. I keep hitting dead ends and need some community help to shut this site down.

This site is corrupt and often posts reference on gangs and other criminal activity. They have often posted mine and others social insurance number, name birth date address etc with links on how to do identity theft. I have written the server which is lunar pages and they basically don’t care. They have spoken to the board admin who has toned it down a bit but now they only cover it up further. By the time I see it and contact lunar pages and they check the link it is removed. These people know how to push around the boundaries. This site needs to come down as it is inappropriate. Please help. Contact me if you need further info. They also often make reference to gang members and other criminal activity. Please help close this site down. A lawyer would cost me 20 thousand dollars and I don’t have that kind of money. Someone must have some resources somewhere. I am exhausted of fighting this everyday. I want my life back.


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