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April 23, 2007


Well put. Unfortunately state legislators in places like VA play to voters' unfounded suspicions of the federal government. This massacre will not change the negative reaction many in this country have to any notion of the 'feds' taking their guns away. This rural gun culture is a microcosm of the backward, millitaristic culture of violence that pervades this country, and neither this massacre nor the next one will change that.

Thanks for your comment George. I hear what you are saying, and I do not expect people to give up their 2nd amendment rights because of one particularly deranged individual. Nor would I want them to. However, if any event in modern history spurs the public to take action and reconsider the easy access to handguns in this country... shouldn't the largest mass murder on record be the one that does it??? What else must we endure before we take some form of action?

I simply propose that we strengthen our current background checking system by creating more thorough databasees of criminal records, and flagging individuals whose mental health records indicate that they are a threat to society.

That seem reasonable to me. And it should also seem reasonable to any responsible gun owner in the country.

The key word of that phrase being "responsible."

Maybe the reason so many people got killed instead of 2 or 3, was that fact that the college students had no "right" to protect themselves, even though some where concealed carry holders, because the university decided for them, that no firearms where allowed on campus. Seems that crazy killers don't respect "gun free zone". All the background checks in the world will not stop a criminal from getting a firearm, if not purchased legally it will be purchased illegally. Think how successful the war on drugs has been.

Time for us to stop creating victims by demanding that lawful citizens disarm. Since, criminals will never follow the rules

Thanks Chuck. You make some interesting points. I especially liked your correlation to the war on drugs. And although I agree that a truly determined individual can get their hands on a gun, one way or another, I still think that flagging potentially dangerous individuals could help to decrease gun violence overall.

Just because a determined teenager can get their hands on a beer, one way or another, that does not mean we should allow teenagers to drink legally. The law says you must be 21 to drink, and the law does at least deter underage drinking.

I never suggested that lawful citizens disarm. Only that we make it harder for people who have been labeled a "threat" to buy guns.

Serious question: Do you think that if the college had allowed "lawful" students to carry weapons on campus, then less people would have been killed at Virginia Tech? Do you think that it would decrease or increase gun violence, overall?

I do not believe that the answer to hand gun violence is allowing everyone to carry concealed hand guns. This is a fundamental clash of culture within this country: some believe that concealed hand guns are part of American culture and values. If that is the case, I and tens of millions of others want no part of it. The answer to the backward gun culture that permeates certain parts of this country is not the expansion of that culture to the point where we are all Wyatt Earp, walking around strapped and just wishing for some poor stranger to seem to threaten or slight us...

I don't understand our nation's fascination with guns. We believe it is our right to carry them. Okay. But is it not our responsibility to not allow these dangerous toys from falling into the hands of our children, deranged people and potential killers. What background check will reveal how responsible we are? What background check will reveal the presence of potential killers in our homes and neighborhood. What background check will help prevent that our guns don't fall into other's hands?

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