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April 17, 2007


I totally agree with your opinion. I committed a small misdemeanor offense in New York state over 5 years ago and while it was non-violent/sexual/drug related it still has basically ruined my life even though it was just a stupid mistake and I have a college degree. I hope this state strongly considers the allowance of the sealing and expunging of criminal records for small offenses because it's nearly impossible to move out of state since the other ones have no limits to the period of time a background check can go back to or anti-discrimination laws to prevent against against not being hired for any kind of job.

I am the person that has redrafted the expungement bill in Alabama for Sen. Wendell Mitchell. I would like any one with a criminal arrest record or criminal conviction in Alabama to contact your State Senator and State Rep to support this bill.

What is the current status of this bill?

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