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April 02, 2007


Despite news reports that may have come to your attention, there is currently no evidence of use of a powdered drink mix in so-called Strawberry Qwik Meth. The coloration may be do to processing methods or to use of a dye agent to “brand” the meth. But lab tests to date (DEA Special Testing Lab) do not show any of the findings that would suggest the instant-drink connection.

As to peanut butter meth – a number of folks with long-term experience dealing with meth state that this is a form of meth that has the consistency of peanut butter and may have the yellow/brown color that recalls peanut butter to mind.

News media tend to present themselves as instant experts even if all they have is an anonymous tip or a random report. It's interesting that meth use (of any sort) is much more common among 18-25 year olds than among children and teens, yet the media jump to the presumption that someone is out to entice little kiddies

There's no doubt that meth is a nasty business. Though it is not instantly addictive, it can be quickly addictive. Even more important, the damages it causes are wide-ranging -- parental, environmental, financial, physiological, psychological, and more. Meth addicts seem to take longer to shake the drug (if they do so at all).

This is the heart of prevention's value -- no meth, no addict, no harm - short term or long term. It's more than "saying no." It's about caring, understanding, developing character, and supporting and creating the positives. Our motto should be, "Let's prevent, not regret."

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