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February 01, 2007


Parent's Power / MySpace for Moms and Dads:

Your article on Parent's Power was excellent. I heartily agree with your quote, "Although many parents may find these steps comforting, they do not reduce the need for parents’ involvement in crime prevention." Please pass along word about the new book that empowers parents "MySpace for Moms and Dads: Understanding the Risks and the Rewards. I wrote this book -- as a professional author and mother of a teenage son and daughter -- to walk parents through what they need to know to be able to protect their own child on social networking sites. More info at www.ConnieNeal.com

For added information, everyone can read information about myspace phishing.

it is very safe on myspace because there is security settings to where u cant check jout there profile unless u know there whole name or unless they are your friend on your file to me i think it is very safe because there is alot of security settings

Connie, myspaceblogger, and John, thank you all for your comments.

Connie, I'm glad that you highlight the importance of parental involvement in previews of your book content. To me, there’s nothing more important—I have little doubt that something will replace MySpace and the social networks in the next few years, and I have little doubt that the key to protecting children in that new medium will be parental involvement again.

Myspaceblogger, you’re right, MySpace phishing is a problem. Although it appears that they’ve gotten their latest problem under control (with the quicktime), there’s no telling when someone will find another vulnerability. I’d strongly recommend using a separate and unique password for your MySpace so that if someone gets that one, they at least don’t also have your bank password.

John, MySpace does have quite a few security settings now. You hit the nail on the head about having your profile set to private; it’s much safer to have your profile set to private so that totally random people can’t view everything about you. However, I’d be careful saying it’s totally safe. AOL Instant Messenger didn’t expose nearly as much personal information about people automatically and people (adults and teens) still got in trouble, using it. Security settings can’t replace decent judgment. MySpace is safe if you act safely — if you remember that you cannot be sure about a person’s identity over MySpace (or AIM, chat, email, SecondLife, etc.), that things you post will probably never be removed from the web, and that a friend of a friend isn’t necessarily your friend.

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