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February 21, 2007


On the same page to which this blog links, we see the statistics,

"A child goes missing every 40 seconds" and,

"According to the FBI...strangers kidnap about 300 children each year."

That's a huge disparity. Not to diminish the pain and suffering of these children and their families, but I can't help but think that posting statistics like the former are fear-mongering tactics that ultimately create strained family and neighborhood relationships and inhibit kids' abilities to be kids, e.g. play outside, be curious about the world around them.

It seems like most kidnappings/abductions of children are done by family and other acquaintances of the victims. Perhaps it would be more effective to encourage honest discussions about ending abuse and promoting healthy communication among family members and neighbors rather than scaring the crap out of parents and kids, pulling everyone closer to their televisions and farther from their streets and playgrounds.

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