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December 08, 2006


Whoa! I think you are taking your argument a little to far, how do we show are children to responsible?

Sarah, thank you for your comment and your critique. My hope with these entries is to spark some sort of discussion. I believe you’re asking how a parent knows if her child is responsible, or, the way the report puts it, how a parent knows if his or her child is showing deviancy. Part of it is self-assessment. A parent is a huge influence in how a child behaves. If the parent talks to her child about drug abuse and its consequences; presents a positive, drug free role model; and is loving and supporting, she’s gone a long way to ensuring her child is responsible.

The other key is to be involved and look for warning signs. If a child is spending an inordinate amount of time alone, that’s a bad sign. If the child’s grades sink, that’s also a good indicator that something’s wrong. The warning signs tend to be relatively clear (depression, anti-social behavior, etc., and the important thing is that a parent intervenes and shows that she cares.

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