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November 17, 2006


The DrugWipe is a tool that provides proof of drug use or dealing. Used by parents, the DrugWipe can provide a method to monitor drug activity of children. Many times parents are in denial and the last to know if their children are experimenting with drugs.

Thanks for your comment Roger.

Although I am sure the product Drugwipe is a useful drug detection tool in all aspects, the issue is whether or not it is an appropriate drug prevention strategy in schools.

Should we be using state dollars to pay for these types of products or implementing drug prevention programs and educating both parents and students on the effects of drug use and ways to prevent such use beforehand.

We should keep in mind that our goal should be to prevent children from ever using drugs as opposed to reacting after the drugs have been detected.

Thanks again for your comment.

You have a good point Azalea.

However there are two key issues that need to be addressed regarding whether it is appropriate for budgets to be used for drug detection technology as part of an overall prevention program that includes drug education and awareness.

First, no matter how much money is spent up front on prevention and awareness education, I believe there will be a percentage of students that will choose to experiment and use illegal drugs.

Second, outcomes must be measures. I believe it is critically important to have an auditing or monitoring capability in place to do this. Success cannot be declared by merely proclaiming it anecdotally. If this mistake is made, the money spent to develop and implement education programs will be doomed to an inefficient existence at best. Determining the degree of success the educational components of a comprehensive drug prevention program achieve require physical measurement. DrugWipe seems to be a fast and very cost-effective method to gain real-time campus-wide data needed to provide this type of program assessment.

Measuring results of these programs is as fundamental as the program curriculum itself. Society must face reality and understand that whether it is one child or 100 in a school that make the wrong choice to use drugs, the best hope we have is to detect that use in the earliest stage possible. The sooner we can identify the problem the better chance there is to minimize the devastating effects that illegal drug use has not only on the individual, but on family, friends, and our society as a whole.

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