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August 09, 2006


I am a probation officer and cititzen in the state of Alaska - one of those states that recently passed the stand your ground law. I have no problem with that philosophy and am tired of the coddling and giving in to those who think they have a right to what others have earned through hard work.

Thanks so much for your input, Gary. It is great to hear from people out in the field. And many others agree with you. 16 states have passed these self-defense laws, and others such as Ohio, South Carolina, and Wyoming are considering the legislation.

Issues with these laws continue to arise, however, and they continue to gain more opposition as well. The latest of these issues, for example, has caused debate in Florida, the first state to adopt the laws. Prosecutors in the state are having problems persuing "stray bullet" cases, and they worry that street gangs will be able to use the self-defense laws to their benefits.

You can find the related article at http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/news/local/15329156.htm?source=rss&channel=miamiherald_local.

It will be important to verify that these laws do not actually provide loopholes for criminals, and indeed serve law-abiding citizens. Thanks again for your comment!

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