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August 01, 2006


I have worked as a juvenile Probation Officer for the past 27 years - a curfew ordinance is handy to law enforcement as it provides PC to approach an inquire into the activity of a juvenile afterhours but it isn't going to solve the problem for most - unless there is a hefty fine to the parents for 'allowing' the minor to be out past the time they should be home - sure there should be allowances built in to the curfew law but primarily the parent should be held accountable for not attempting to exercise reasonalble control of their children.

Thanks for your comment Gary. It's a very interesting point you make about reasonable parental control over children. Do you know of examples where fining the parents has been effective in enforcing the curfew and actually reducing crime?

It has been over a month since DC declared a crime emergency and vowed to enforce their curfew. A recent Washington Post article, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08/18/AR2006081801075.html, reviews the latest statistics in order to determine whether or not the curfew has been effective.

At this point it is still very hard to tell if the curfew has helped reduce crime.

I feel that enforcing the law of curfew after dark in larger cities will definetly reduce the crime rates. I am ninteen years old living in a growing city, and when i was a young teen out in the streets after dark i was up to no good. Now realizing how much i was a danger to myself and society, i feel strongly about enforcing the law of curfews just to keep things on the safe side. If you can please email me and let me know more supporting facts about curfews for young people and how they will reduce crime.I will really appreciate it because i am doing a persuasive speech that is for enforcing curfew laws.

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