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July 20, 2006


Prevention of crime is so important to society and presently not enough steps are taken to prevent crimes. For every $1.00 that is spent on treating victims, .01 cent is spent on prevention. Therefore, we are so pleased to see this blog. The FBI Web site is an excellent site to gain knowlege concerning expert research and statistics on many crimes, especially realizing the direction in which crimes will increase if preventive steps are not taken now, such as juvenile crime. As a nation, we will be victimized by many juveniles at alarming rates by 2010, if we do not hear the battlecry to help our juveniles immediately. Please review the Web site for additional free information concerning what steps each family can take to help live abuse free lives.
Patricia Kirby
Founder & Executive Director
Hope For Children Foundation

Thank you Patricia for passing on information about the Hope For Children Foundation. It seems like an organization that is doing great work.

And you're right - much more can be done to prevent crime and further fund this work. We hope that this blog will help call attention to that and show people all over the country ways that they can keep crime out of their communities.

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